Rendering is my tool for visual storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. In order to create a rendering for visual storytelling, I always search for appropriate composition and ambience as well as corresponding details which form a coherent whole


I am an architect and 3d graphics enthusiast, specializing in 3d visualization of architecture, interiors and every form of design. While creating a new project I focus on appropriate form of narration and story-telling. Because of that a rendering becomes something more than just a still image – a scene of life, an inspiration, an art.

I have been working in the field of visual presentation for over the last 10 years. As a graduate with a Master’s Degree in Architecture I have a strong architectural background and experience gained in design studios in Poland and abroad. Due to that, I am fully aware how a project development process runs and how a good cooperation between designer, visualizer and investor should look like. I always apply case-by-case approach to every new project, trying to reveal and emphasize its unique character and quality. Since I started working as a 3d Visualizer, I have always been able to complete all the tasks according to a given schedule.


I have a broad experience in many fields of work, starting from an architectural and industrial design, through 2D & 3D graphics, ending with post-production and compositing. In my portfolio you can find renderings of small-scale projects as well as large-scale commercial properties, including residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, commercial interiors and architectural competitions. It also contains renderings of furniture, products or industrial design forms. Visualizations I created are the excellent form of promotion for investment marketing and an attractive way of presenting and verifying architectural or design concepts. In parallel with the work on still images, I expand my animation and motion graphics skills.


Up till now I collaborated with many companies and private clients from Poland, Great Britain, Austria, Slovenia, including architectural offices and studios, real estate developers and advertising agencies.


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  1. private buildings
  2. public buildings
  3. public interiors
  4. competitions

photorealistic rendering, photomontage, collage, 360 rendering

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  1. commercial buildings
  2. commercial interiors
  3. large-scale properties
  4. aerial renderings

photorealistic rendering, photomontage, 360 rendering

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  1. furniture
  2. product
  3. industrial forms
  4. art installations

photorealistic rendering, packshot, photomontage


Taking advantage of stereoscopic technique, I create panoramic 360 renderings, providing the user with much more information and interaction while observing visualized virtual reality. 360 renderings and animations can be viewed on the desktop, tablet and smartphone screen as well as on the virtual reality headsets, like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard, giving at some level a sense of immersion in virtual reality.


Apart from working in 3D space, professional post-production is another very important aspect of the whole process of creating high-quality visualizations. I always take advantage of the render pass technology which allows me to modify a lot of elements quickly in post-production phase and avoid the need of re-rendering quite often. Based on the character of the project and expected effect, post-production may become an advanced and time-absorbing part of working process.



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