Parametric Pavilion

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This multi-cone tensile fabric structure is an in-between object connecting two different sceneries and introducing to the forest area. The light coming through many skylights integrated with ETFE fabric refers to sunlight beams flickering through leaves and trees of forest canopy. Towards the forest – the skylights’ diameters are gradually getting smaller therefore letting less and less light in. Gate to the woods not only introduces visitors to another environment but also can be used as an exhibition space or information point concerning plant and animal species living in the nearest area.
The timber and fabric gridshell is fully parametric and designed as a portable structure – it can be easily dismantled and re-erected elsewhere. The irregular nature of the geometrical structure affects every timber component to be a different length thus involving CNC machines during manufacturing process. Due to the complexity of the structure it was necessary to use live physics engine for interactive simulation to generate the tensile fabric form.
The project was created during my architectural studies for the purpose of construction workshops.
exterior rendering

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